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Paint faster!

August 29, 2010 1 comment

It’s been a while since I came across this stuff and I already wrote about it on a company blog in the German language, but I thought this could be interesting enough for more people out there, so I’m sitting here translating what I wrote almost 2 years ago, keen on validating it with today’s Java Runtime. So what’s this fuzz about? Simply put: I noticed that you might have wasted a lot of time in swing, if you relied on the Graphics-object you get passed by Swing and the difference was dramatic!
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Hack of the day: Unchecking checked exceptions.

April 29, 2010 9 comments

In my last blog I announced to write something about some nice reflection magic, but it turned out that I got a little short on time, so that blog isn’t ready yet. But to keep you entertained I’d like to write something about a little hack I’ve found and instead of Reflection magic, you can read about some wild Generics magic. Not bad either, isn’t it? This hack is also really helpful! Read more…