My name is Wanja Gayk, I write software in the Java programming language.
I’m using Java as my main language since the year 2000 and I have never stopped learning it ever since. Don’t get me wrong: The basics are easy to grasp, but programming is not just syntax. There are details hidden in the Java runtime and language specification or the Java SE API that you hardly ever encounter but which may cause you to lose a day of work for finding a bug. During my career I have seen lots of very experienced programmers falling into pits which I thought had to be apparent to everyone. What I kept for me from that is that you should never be so cocky to think you already know everything important. Trust me: you don’t. The one day you might think you knew everything about singletons may be the day that punishes you with strange errors you can finally track down to the ‘impossible’ case of two instances of your carefully written singleton with a perfectly synchronized factory method or even a holder class. ..that got cloned because there was no readResolve method but serialization somewhere on the way. This particular case has never happened to me though, but it could have. And in fact other situations like this happened naturally. Nobody is perfect.

So this is one reason why I started to write this blog: I like to share knowledge, everyone should, for pure selfishness: one day you might have to debug code written by someone who didn’t know what he was doing. And while I hope that I haven’t been too often the cause of someone’s WTF-moment, I spend a lot of time reading blogs about programming and make my own mind, experimenting and thinking about what’s written.
Sometimes thoughts want to be written down and after years of posting on usenet, I thought it was time for me to give some of my thoughts about programming a permanent home. Newsgroups are neat, but it’s next to impossible to cancel or edit old and dumb stuff you’ve written some time ago, the possibility to trace comments involves active searching and re-reading of threads which have been purged by your newsreader, you can’t format source code too well, etc.. So this blog allows a little more control – and RSS feeds, in case you’d like to stay up to date with my blog.

Feel free to post a comment any time.

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